Thursday, March 31, 2005

Fossil hunting at Home Depot

I've got a job at Home Depot bringing in carts, loading people's cars with bags of mulch, and helping people find plants that butterflies like while deer don't. Anyway, it's part-time so I should have more time to do whatever. The other day I arrived at work early a day or so after a big storm and decided to smoke a cigarette before work. It then occurred to me that the rock face next to a parking lot in the Texas Hill Country was precisely the kind of striated rock that I've seen paleontologists find fossils in on TV. I also remembered that after a storm was supposed to be the best time to find fossils so I decided I would look for a fossil. Within five minutes, I found one. It's not a very impressive fossil. It's just almost half a clam shell, but I found it neat.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


A few weeks back I passed SotR's 1 year anniversary. Feb 24th to be exact. I've been so busy I never got around to putting anything up about it. Nevertheless now that I'm about a week away from my own 24th B-day I thought I might mention something. Its weird being away from my twin on a birthday, and I know that it will be really weird this year celebrating in Texas.

As for the blog I'm keeping it alive... if barely. I think I have time to post more, its remembering to post that's a challenge with all the other stuff occupying my mind. I want to talk about my massage school and how fascinating it is to explore the muscles and how they work together. How pain and tension in one can effect a whole chain of them. But I'm still working on the concepts myself, and I'm not sure I could do them justice at this point.

Also I'm a cashier at Home Depot now part time. Its a fairly easy job most of the time, but occasionally I wonder if I'm not being diligent enough in my reponsibilities. Sometimes you work with other people and you notice things they do that perhaps you could do better.

And another thing... its strangely difficult to get myself talking or thinking politics in a non-election year. I guess I've finally reached that point in my life when its not even remotely a fascinating subject anymore. I think what I really liked was the debate and discourse over issues. Now what I saw as debate before seems like just so many people talking out of their ass. Politicians selling us a line, editors selling us a story, and pundits selling us opinionated hollering over substance. Even science news fails to spark my interest these days. It seems like most of it is just some pencil pusher or another trying to spark interest by making over exaggerated claims, and thereby drum up some extra research dollars.

I'm becoming more apathetic to it all. Its not that I don't care, its just starting to seem more and more like a diversion from my "real" life and the things that are really important to me. I Know... I know... "he who refuses to participate in politics ends up being ruled by his inferiors..." But lets face it most of us have been "ruled by our inferiors" since before we were born. Politicians aren't typically known for their intelligence.

The only difference between a politician and your average criminal is that the politician had the opportunity, and perhaps the direction (whether from external sources or from themselves) to be able to figure out how to do the same stuff legally.

Oh yeah... I got my massage table... WOO HOO!!!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

And for now...

Right now most of my time is getting eaten up between work and massage school. I had my first "practical" class yesterday and found myself completely exhausted afterward. Now I've spent the last few hours researching massage tables. I've been trying to figure out what is the best price/package to get for what I need. There are so many options though, and its such a huge chunk of money that its hard to figure out. Plus there is the question of tax, shipping etc.

My school offers a discount on a specific line of massage tables from a company called "custom craftworks." The catch it that the discount almost completely disappears between the cost of tax and shipping. There is actually a place in town that I can buy the same tables without the shipping cost that also have a discount on the manufaturers suggested retail price. I have also found several websites that offer free-shipping (paid for by custom craftworks) of the same tables.

All this makes me wonder why CC doesn't offer free shipping to my school, and why everyone else seems to get the same (or better) discount than my school. Perhaps the MSRP is just inordinately high. Though I'm not sure what some of the local places are offering in their "packages." Presumable the websites that ship from other states would not require me to pay tax (or so I'm hoping) which would mean if there is also no shipping charge potentially a $90 discount. But who knows how long it will take to get the table (urrrrrrrrrgggh).

They won't tell me before I fill out their little forms telling them where I live, and where to send their junk mail too etc. Maybe I should try ebay...