Monday, July 23, 2007

The NeverWar

So once there was this war.
It wasn't our war,
It was never a war
but we had a treaty
So when the invasion started
it became our war.

But not a war, NeverWar

It became our friends,
our neighbors, our blood.
It ended they said.
But not really.
Wars don't end that neverWere.

In reality it stopped being
our blood and became our bombs
bombs dropped from the sky-
on farmers, on children,
on targets of strategic importance.

It became an embargo
a little myth we called "containment"
where we tried to starve out the people,
deny their basic needs,
to poke at their leader

Obviously this was violent
but it was neverWar
Wars don't end that neverWere.

Then one day someone poked back
someone from the same hemisphere
so we escalated our NeverWar.
We sent our blood back.

Thus the Antiwar folk got to protest
the new NotaWar. but to protest
they had to pretend the
NeverWar never happened
Wars don't happen that neverWere.

They had to suppose
dropping bombs on civilians
was not a state like the NotaWar
but a state of "containment"

a state more desirable
than the new NotaWar.
either option involved
the secret of collateral

Of untold thousands,
civilians, dying,
dying to be liberated
eaten up in the dust

Of our NeverWar.
Wars don't end that neverWere.

We pay for it still.
Confusion is all we have left.
Do we owe them?

The people we bombed for so long
Do we owe them protection?
Should we rebuild what we destroyed?

Are we still an occupying army?
are we at war, were we ever?
The NeverWar never ended.

We escalate, we invade,
we step back, we bomb
we starve, we kill
We escalate, we stabilize

We'll never end the NeverWar
Wars don't end that neverWere.

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