Sunday, February 03, 2008

Libertarian Bard

So I finally made it back to Ruta Maya's this past tuesdays for the poetry night. I have been there a couple of times over the past year. I shared The NeverWar with them last spring when I first wrote it.

This time I decided to be real brave and share one I call "Fish for Sale." Keep in mind I do not claim to be that great of a poet but what I may lack in my wordsmithishness I make up for in passion. Which probably makes me a little shrill... oh well.

In any case I spent about an hour trying to decide whether to share my fish poem. I finally decided in favor of it. The reason it was a challenge was due to the fact that it is intentionally confrontational and critical of the left's take on sweat shops and human prosperity in general.

I'll give you an example. My favorite line from the poem is "We will think globally of your poor starving village, while we shop locally from our not-starving-american neighbors."

Ruta Maya's tends to be a hang out for very leftish persons. The "think globally, shop locally" bumper sticker is a pretty common sight in their parking lot. In any case my mind was contemplating the possibility of being booed off the stage and thus my reluctance.

What got me up was the fact that the host said that their was only one poet left. So we were about to stop like an hour early. I hate it when they do that. I am their to hear poetry and when they end at 8pm well it kinda sucks I think. So I ran up and put my name on the list.

My thought was this: maybe their will be one libertarian in the audience, and maybe that one guy will appreciate my poem and know that he ain't the only non-lefty in the house. So I went for it.

Afterwards I got quite a bit of cheering from the audience including some from a few persons I know to be left-leaning. I also had one libertarian guy come up and tell me that it took a lot of nerve to say "bring on the wal-mart" to that audience. That was really cool.

On top of that once I signed up another handful of people were inspired to sign up including one guy who had never been behind a mic before, and one guy who apparently felt the need to clear out my libertarian mojo with a anti-development "do we really need another stripmall" poem of his own.

So poetry night got filled up all the way to 9pm and there was a lot of good stuff that came later. So it was really cool.

Now I have in my brain plans for a "yes we really do need another stripmall poem." An "anti-global warming poem." A poem inspired by a certain famous document... and last but not least an Iran poem.

Yeah happy fun.

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